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The Ramair client comes in many forms. From the enthusiast who is seeking that subtle induction note from their performance road car, the biker seeking that release of power on his mid 90’s sports bike, right through to the OEM performance divisions of some of the World’s largest car brands.

Since 1981 our innovation, creativity and quality has been utilised in the following motorsport sectors:
Formula 1
Formula 3
Formula Ford
Le Mans Series


At Ramair we operate a fully realized end-to-end approach in delivery of a solution. We are unique in that all stages of our operation right from the initial inception of a project, through design, testing, development, manufacture, distribution, retail and marketing take place in single location. This allows us to deliver an initial solution faster than our competitors, and iterate upon it in a more impact-full and meaningful way thanks to the flexibility of our organisation.


At Ramair we utilise a wide-range of resources, techniques and technologies at every stage of our Engineering process.

We have a wide gamut of skills available in-house, these include but are not limited to…
3D Computer Aided Design, Modelling and Simulation
Component air flow testing and analysis
Full range of TIG welding experience including more exotic material such as Titanium and Inconel
Precision cuttng, folding and assembley of sheet metalwork
Complex tube and pipework cutting and bending
Production of spun metal parts
Polymer Injection moulding capabilities
Silicone hose & EPDM part production
We have at our disposal the following technologies and machinery…
FARO Arm coordinate measuring machine
WinDyn SuperFlow 1020 Probench
Fully licensed Solidworks seat
Multiple TIG welding stations
Full automotive workshop capabilites including air tools, lift and secure indoor storage
Bystronic Bysprint Pro 4.4kW Laser Cutter
Bystronic Press Brake
SLA 3D printing facilities
CNC Machining


The future of Ramair is in the hands of our clients and our people. Only true success and quality can be achieved with the support and understanding of our client base, coupled with the knowledge, skill and passion from our people.

Dan Mullan, Ramair Director


We are proud of our commitment to social responsibility, including the provision of the living wage for all of our people working full time hours. We invest in our community and strive to maintain a good proportion of local and diverse employment throughout our business. Our business and corporate mantra is that tax is the return due to society on its investments, from which companies benefit. Therefore we enter into the commitment that we will comply at all times with the ethics and responsibilities of a tax payer.