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  • 800+bhp, single-turbo converted BMW M4

    5th Feb 2021

    800+bhp, single-turbo converted BMW M4

    We’re fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and exciting tuners in the UK. From the likes of REPerformance and their PUSH Performance twin-turbo kits for V10 R8s and Lamborghinis; to regu…

    Published by Davy Lewis

  • Ramair BMW engine replacement

    27th Jan 2021

    Ramair BMW engine replacement

    After several seasons of hard use, the Ramair 135i finally succumbed to a mechanical failure. At the only show we were able to attend in 2020, the Forge Action Day, our man Chris Roberts arrived back…

    Published by Davy

  • Forge Action Day 2020

    16th Dec 2020

    Forge Action Day 2020

    We don't need to tell you that most of 2020 has been a washout, which includes a huge number of car shows. So when we heard that one of our favourites, the Forge Action Day, was on, we got very excite…

    Published by Davy Lewis